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Auction Alerts is a new site that has been in development to help people that are looking to save some money on their next buy. It doesn't matter if you are the type of person that scours eBay looking for deals, trolls Amazon searching for great buys or spend hours sifting through other deal sites just trying to save some of your hard earned income, Auction Alerts WILL help you save money.

Saving money has never been easier now that Auction Alerts is able to simplify the deal finding process. Auction Alerts does this by grouping 3 item pricing types to one site:

  1. eBay: Finding deals and alerting you when auctions are found that you have been looking for
  2. Amazon: Searching Amazon and showing related items to you that you might be interested in
  3. Coupons: Auction Alerts has collected over 1 million deals so far from deal sites all over the web. We provide a central hub for you to search through these deals and coupons.

Here's How It Works

All you need to do is sign up to get started. Once your account is verified, you can start creating using all features that the site has to offer for free!

Create eBay Alerts

  • Create an alert to monitor eBay for an item
  • We search eBay for that item hourly
  • We notify you of items in your price range when found

Find Coupons

  • Go to the Deal Feed
  • Filter the Deal Feed to find the Coupon or Deal you need
  • Star deals that you are interested in and compare that deal later

Deal Comparison

  • At your Starred Deal page, compare the coupon to found
  • Deals can be compared to Amazon and/or eBay
  • Make sure you are getting the best deal possible

Start Saving Money

Not only will you save time not having to search eBay daily for an auctions in your price range, but you will save money by finding deals on the items you want.

  • STOP wasting your time checking eBay time and time again looking for items you want when Auction Alerts can do it for you
  • STOP going to hundreds of sites looking for deals and coupons that are ALL collected at Auction Alerts
  • STOP searching all over the web, just to then search eBay and Amazon to check if what you found was actually a deal when it can all be done from Auction Alerts

Auction Alerts Beta?

You may have noticed that the stamp, "BETA" is in the logo currently. This means Auction Alerts has not been signed off as "completed" yet. So until the Beta stamp is removed you can expect the following:

  • Ongoing changes to colors and design
  • Ongoing changes to content
  • Ongoing changes to increase the efficiency of the system
  • Adding functionality to the site